DAP is first polish attempt of a whole comparative approach to the problem of the condition of polish democracy. With taken into consideration of three perspectives: instytutions (their characteristic and quality of actions, that means a so called structure of possibilities ), political elites, parties and their agendas ( PODAŻY DEMOKRATYCZNEJ ) and citizens their prefferences and attitude towards democracy (POPYTU DEMOKRATYCZNEGO).

The goal of the audit is to create a complex description of polish democracy – as democratic procedures, as well as legal and socially-cultural envionment. One of the conditions of reaching this goal is to aply a interdisciplinary approach, that is why within this project we analize political institutions, legal conditions as well as sociak attitudes and economic processes – the authors make use of achievements of political, legal, sociological and economic sciences as well as of available statistic data.

The outcome of this project based on similar projcets conducted all over the world is to create a audit (monitoring tool) of the quality of polish democracy and using this knowledge in practice. As the result the audit will allow to gain knowledge about polish democracy and to use this knowledge to point out areas of neglect and nessesity of taken actions. The project is also suposed to help to activate public discourse on state of democracy in Poland.