The audit will be based on three pillars: expert evaluations of the above mentioned aspects of democracy, studies of present (official) statistical data and secondary analysis of public opinion studies witch are a reflection of democratic consciousnes of the Polish people.

An evaluation of the state of polish democracy demands usage of the wide spectrum of study methods. Our basic toul is quantitative analysis. They are: statistical data analysis, public opinion poles, WSKAŻNIKI LICZBOWE pointed out by participants of a experts pole. Using this methods allows to reach objective results and will let us to compare them in time.  Not all aspects can be mesured by the help of quantitative indicators. That void is filled out by deepened questions in the experts pole and separate analysis conducted by outside experts.

Its worth mentioning that the DAP analysis is based on triangulation aproach: if it is only possible, several study methods are being used. The consequence of this approach is a full and comparative condition of democracy. DAP has been planned as a spread in time endevour and changes in aquired indicators shoud signalize the dynamics of politycal system, international comparisions will also be posible.